Feb 13, 2008 - BLOG - Stuff On my Mind    Comments Off on First Yoga Experience!

First Yoga Experience!

Yep, finally did it.  Donna and I went and tried Yoga last night!  We've been wanting to try it for years.  And about eight years ago, we even 'rescued' the owners of the Yoga Room Nashville from a badly flooded and pushy Harpeth River.  They even sent us a gift certificate as a thank you, and we never went.Climb Nashville also has Yoga classes.  But my climbing / cycling buddy Jeff says their class is too fast and hard for beginners.  So, we went to the Yoga Room Nashville Keep reading [...]
Feb 10, 2008 - BLOG - Stuff On my Mind    Comments Off on Day Walking Zombie

Day Walking Zombie

For years, Donna has harassed me about my snoring.  When camping with friends, I always got comments from people in the tents, half joking.  Finally, my boss started complaining about me yawning in meetings.  I went and saw my GP, he ran blood work (which showed my diet is having no effect on my iron, etc.) and referred me to a pulmonologist for a sleep evaluation.  So, on Jan 25, I went in for my sleep study at Centennial Medical Center, which is sort of like a hotel room, sort Keep reading [...]
Jan 22, 2008 - General News    Comments Off on Adventure Integrity

Adventure Integrity

Integrity - defined as "Adherence to a code of values; utter sincerity, honesty, candor; completeness." I believe it's doing what you say you're gonna do, even when it's difficult or even becomes inconvenient. Adventure Integrity - sometimes you get in a conversation with an adventurous friend.  A conversation comes up about a really interesting but challenging bike ride or hike.  OK, you're sold, and you agree that it's something you're going to train for, prepare and do.  Keep reading [...]
Jan 8, 2008 - General News    Comments Off on Gabriel’s Tree Service

Gabriel’s Tree Service

I hired Gabriel's Tree Service to remove most of the bamboo from my back yard in preparation for a fence. I wanted to mention the positive things from the experience. I found Gabriel on craigslist.org. Seemed like he said the right stuff in his ad, so I called. 615-582-2623. He came over and left me a very competitive quote, later started the work. Bamboo is probably one of the worst materials to remove for tree people. The roots are covered with dirt, and the silicon embedded in the material Keep reading [...]
Dec 22, 2007 - General News    Comments Off on A few MS Videos from the 2007 National Conference!

A few MS Videos from the 2007 National Conference!

I got to see these in Dallas this year (2007) at the Moving Forward Film Festival. They were so moving, I just have to pass them on. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. You'll need to read more to see the videos. Definitely worth it if you're helping to end the devastating effects of Multiple Sclerosis. This one is by Darrin Ramage, featuring him, his wife and a 'special guest'. At least watch this one. If you liked Darrin's, you'll really love Kristie Salerno Kent's entry. This one Keep reading [...]
Dec 7, 2007 - General News    Comments Off on Mister Splashy Pants!

Mister Splashy Pants!

Greenpeace is holding an online poll to "name the whale"! Go vote for Mister Splashy Pants!
UPDATE:  Mr Splashy Pants did actually win!  Now you can go buy t-shirts, hats and coffee mugs!


Nov 7, 2007 - General News    Comments Off on Yes, I’ve become a ‘Vegetarian’

Yes, I’ve become a ‘Vegetarian’

OK, once and for all, I'm kind of tired of all the questions: You're a vegetarian? How long have you been doing that? That's weird!  Why the hell would you want to do that? Why did you quit eating meat? ("you big dummy" or "weirdo" implied with the non-verbals) Just click Read More below to get the story.  Fair warning - it's a "Pat's Soapbox" story that I've been thinking about for a while.In the mean time, here are some videos for Keep reading [...]
Nov 7, 2007 - Restaurants    Comments Off on Korean – Seoul Garden

Korean – Seoul Garden

If anyone knows me very well, I'm big on ethnic food, and Korean in particular is a strong favorite. Why Korean? First, I can get seafood and vegetarian dishes pretty easily, I like spicy food, and of course I really love the mystery of the little side dishes they bring you complimentary right before you get your main dish.The Seoul Garden is located on the corner of Nolensville and Edmondson Pike, behind the drug store across from Southern Hills Hospital.  Look for the new-ish shopping center Keep reading [...]
Oct 24, 2007 - Bicycle Ride Reviews    Comments Off on Reasons to Bicycle

Reasons to Bicycle

I plagiarized this from ibike.org. It's just too good not to reproduce.More Than Forty Good Reasons For Bicycling Bicycles Increase Mobility For Those Who Don't Have Access To Motor Transport. Bikes Increase Mobility For Those Who Don't Qualify To Drive A Car. Bicycles Increase Mobility For Those Who Can't Afford Motor Transport. Bikes Increase Mobility For Those Who Don't Want To Drive Motor Vehicles. There Are 28 Miles Of Bike Trails In The City of Seattle.  (Nashville has Keep reading [...]
Oct 17, 2007 - Bicycle Ride Reviews    Comments Off on Nashville MTA! First Ride Tonight!

Nashville MTA! First Ride Tonight!

Well, I finally did it. Walk Bike Nashville's annual meeting was tonight, and I was invited.  Contemplating on how to get to a meeting downtown about cycling and pedestrian advocacy in the rain, I chose to walk a block down the road and catch the bus!   How dare those that DROVE to a Walk Bike meeting!    If you look at the route maps for Nashville MTA, you immediately notice that the major arteries extend from downtown in a star pattern.   A few of the routes Keep reading [...]