Jun 3, 2009 - A Better Place    Comments Off on Riding My Bike to Work

Riding My Bike to Work

A friend of mine sent me this cartoon.  I hope it's not gonna get me a cease and desist or something because of copyrights.  I'll take it off if someone has a problem I guess.  But, Pat = Jeff.Rode my bike to work today.  For as much as I spout off advocacy stuff, I don't practice what I preach nearly as often as I should.  I should ride my bike to work every day.  Took off at 6:30am this morning.  It's 12 miles towards the lousy side of town - Antioch.  I Keep reading [...]
Apr 13, 2009 - A Better Place    Comments Off on Taking a Walk

Taking a Walk

Donna and I walked over to her sister's house on Saturday.  It's easily less than two miles, but the route travels across I-440 overpass and continues on 21st Avenue.  Along the way, we were nearly run over three times, one time I had to jump back because the driver was speeding through a corner, looking back at traffic, and didn't see me until I screamed at him.  It's amazing how drivers are oblivious to bicyclists and especially walkers.  Nashvillians believe that people that Keep reading [...]
Apr 13, 2009 - A Better Place    Comments Off on Disappointed – Obama’s Dog Choice

Disappointed – Obama’s Dog Choice

Oh, the great buzz around the new Water Dog in the Whitehouse! Oh, the new dog has that cute curly hair, he's non-allergenic. What a great thing for the girls! What a horrible sad day for shelter dogs, perhaps all dogs, everywhere in the USA. The Obama family is tremendously popular. Michelle wears some brand or outfit, thousands run right out looking to mimic her. The Obamas choose a purebred Portugese Water Dog? Thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, head out hunting for one. What's Keep reading [...]
Apr 2, 2009 - Bike Advocacy Thoughts    Comments Off on Donald Hall Foundation

Donald Hall Foundation

You may remember this story from the DNJ back in February. On 1/21/09, Donald Hall was a victim of a hit-and-run driver and left on the side of the road for six hours before someone found him. Donald rode his bike to work everyday in Lavergne, TN just outside of Nashville. Donald is paralyzed from the accident and was recently moved to the University of Michigan Hospital to be close to his family. http://www.wsmv.com/news/18786996/detail.htmlAfter reading this story, Sarah Lovett and I decided we Keep reading [...]
Mar 10, 2009 - Family Stuff    Comments Off on Dawson "Dee Dee" Clements

Dawson "Dee Dee" Clements

Dawson "Dee Dee" Clements???? - March 9, 2009We were spending Thanksgiving 2003 with Donna's folks in Smithville.  As usual, Boppy and I were out at the office in the barn with the door open, enjoying the cool air.  An old ratty black cat was milling around, squauking, purring and generally looking for attention.  She walked with a crippled limp, and was skin and bones.  When Donna came out to check on us she immediately took interest in this old ratty bony cat.After Keep reading [...]
Jan 6, 2009 - Bicycling    Comments Off on Green Fleet Messengers – new service!

Green Fleet Messengers – new service!

Austin Bauman, a cycling advocate in Nashville, is starting a new courier service on January 12. Looks like he's covering downtown, West End, 21st, Music Row and Green Hills. What a great way to reduce traffic congestion, be green and get a package across town fast! You can get more info from Austin at austin@greenfleetmessengers.com Keep reading [...]
Jan 5, 2009 - Electronics    Comments Off on Strange but Interesting Electronics

Strange but Interesting Electronics

When browsing around for electronics information on Arduinos and other miscellaneous stuff, I found this guy.
He has some really interesting projects, but most of all I like that he’s a nerdy tinkerer at heart, has dreads and he does crazy stuff like tattoo’ing a ruler on his arm.  Come on, the dude is seriously nuts!

Jan 5, 2009 - Electronics    Comments Off on DIY Bicycle Light Update

DIY Bicycle Light Update

OK, so I finally finished my DIY LED bike light using the 3-LED Cree XR-E design from www.bikeled.org. I rode with it last Tuesday night on the Natchez Trace ride with some HBC members. In summary, it's impolitely bright. Running at 1000mA, it's very much like car headlights, and even brighter than some of the headlights of cars that passed us. Most of the time, I rode with it dimmed down to 500mA or 350mA modes. Other comments - I bought the Cree XR-E star boards from DealExtreme. The parts Keep reading [...]
Dec 21, 2008 - BLOG - Stuff On my Mind    Comments Off on Some Favorite Quotes

Some Favorite Quotes

I always come across quotes I like but I never have anywhere to put them.  So, I’ll collect some here.

We were not sent into this world to do anything into which we can not put our heart.
Ruskin, John
Dec 2, 2008 - Electronics    Comments Off on Refoamed Speaker Surrounds

Refoamed Speaker Surrounds

My Advent Prodigy II speakers were completely rotten around the outside. It makes sense since I bought them in 1992!  The foam had rotted completely out and the crumbled remains were laying on the floor. So, I began searching and I came across lots of speakers, including some AP-II's that had been "refoamed." So, after a few Google searches, I figured out what "refoamed" meant and I found lots of information on how to do it. So, another ebay search, I found a kit that Keep reading [...]