Mar 7, 2010 - A Better Place    Comments Off on Fowler “Pappy” Boppy Stanton – story from a student

Fowler “Pappy” Boppy Stanton – story from a student

Today at Boppy's funeral, we met many people, some Donna, Sonata and the rest of the family knew, others were from life before our crew.  We heard many stories.  From Mindi Mercer via email to Donna, This story was never verbalized since his death, but quite special and easy to share with you. Pappy, You Will Be Missed It was a little band room on the outer edge of a small middle school in rural Jackson County Tennessee, furnished with old metal folding chairs and even older music stands, and Keep reading [...]
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Fowler Stanton, Amadeus and the Sea Monster

Last week on the evening of February 25, 2010, our family lost Fowler Stanton (Boppy.)  He was Donna's stepdad and the man that raised her.  He was always up to something crazy or poetic.  The story below is one we found while going through his wishes.  A little background:    Boppy was raised on a farm in Buffalo Valley, Tennessee.  Most people know it as an exit to go fly fishing on the Caney.  It was a bustling area back in the early 20th century.  Keep reading [...]
Feb 8, 2010 - Electronics    Comments Off on Camera is Ready to Upgrade, Which One?

Camera is Ready to Upgrade, Which One?

I guess readers can see that I've gotten pretty big into photography.  It's another good way to combine my favorite sports and activities with yet another challenge.  I've carried my DSLR across Iowa on my bike in my handlebar bag.  I've hiked miles deep into Walls of Jericho with all my lenses and my full size tripod (what was I thinking on that one?)  I have a waterproof case so I can take it canoeing or kayaking.  So many times, I've taken beautifully composed pictures Keep reading [...]
Jan 25, 2010 - General News    Comments Off on 365 Flickr Project

365 Flickr Project

I don't know if many folks have heard of a 365 project.  You essentially take one photo per day and post it to a set on Flickr.  The basic rule is you have to post a picture from that day, which means you have to take a picture every day.  Some folks say you're supposed to be in every one of them.  I'm not following that rule in mine.  I kind of use it as a photo diary. hard part is when you have a long day Keep reading [...]
Nov 29, 2009 - Electronics    Comments Off on Motorola Droid Review

Motorola Droid Review

As a Verizon customer for years, I was a little reluctant to switch to AT&T just for an iPhone.  I mean really - your smart phone has to first work properly as a phone, and I know from observation that the Verizon network is better almost everywhere.  I'm a little miffed about the rumor mill, suggesting that the iPhone will come to Verizon.  I doubt that will ever happen.  So, finally a contender arrived - the Motorola Droid.  I upgraded my 4-year old Motorola Razr, got Keep reading [...]
Oct 15, 2009 - Bike Advocacy Thoughts    Comments Off on The Letter I Never Sent

The Letter I Never Sent

Dear survivors of David Allison, I owe you a sincere apology.  I rode the NTP with my buddy Steve in September of 2009.  The terrible experience I had around Jackson and Tupelo with high speed motor vehicle traffic inspired me to write a letter to the park service that they needed to correct it.  I never sent it and I feel terrible.  If I had, and followed up on it, maybe David would still be alive.  Here is the letter:Dear Sirs,I recently completed a self-supported bicycle Keep reading [...]
Oct 13, 2009 - General News    Comments Off on Heels on Wheels Nashville

Heels on Wheels Nashville

Hope you find this interesting.October 12, 2009 For immediate releaseLong-time Nashvillian and Tennessee native Sonata Stanton-Rayburn is proud to announce the opening of The Heels on Wheels, a personal shopping and courier service that covers everything from stocking groceries and household items to planning Baby's nursery to assisting in holiday shopping and gift selections.Prior to starting Heels On Wheels, Rayburn worked in the music business at Progressive Global Agency, the Tennessee Cable Keep reading [...]
Sep 14, 2009 - Bicycle Ride Reviews    Comments Off on Riding Smithville to Silver Point – great ride ALMOST!

Riding Smithville to Silver Point – great ride ALMOST!

Spent the weekend in Smithville celebrating Duke's birthday.  As many times as I've been to Smithville, I've always wanted to ride from town out to Silver Point and back via SR56.  So, I did it this weekend and I don't know why I haven't ridden it yet!TN SR56 zig zags north-south through Tennessee.  The section I rode is from Smithville to Silver Point, which is a exit on I40, BLOS is probably a C, wide shoulders, very curvy, 55mph speed limit, moderate traffic.  The road is pretty Keep reading [...]
Aug 4, 2009 - Bike Advocacy Thoughts    Comments Off on Disappointment Over Tennessee Safe Passing

Disappointment Over Tennessee Safe Passing

This morning, someone posted a link to the HBC list. It's more or less an article, written by police officer Alex Teach, making a joke out of David Meek, a prominent bicyclist in Chattanooga who was run down by a truck.  What a horrible thing - a police officer, sworn to protect and serve, with an attitude of neglect towards one class of road users - the bicycle driver.  I always wondered why the police never wrote a ticket.  I wondered why the Grand Jury failed to press charges against Keep reading [...]
Jul 15, 2009 - Bicycling    Comments Off on Safe Bike Route for HWEN to Green Hills Mall Area

Safe Bike Route for HWEN to Green Hills Mall Area

I had a discussion with a non-bicycling friend several weeks ago about bicycling, Nashville bike facilities, and the feasibility of bicycling for something other than exercise.  She was adamant that bicycles are impractical, stopping short of "bicycles shouldn't be on the road."  And there are plenty of greenways and bike lanes that bicyclists should stick to, and stay off her roads.  Interestingly, her husband, a former bicyclist, seemed to agree with her.  At first Keep reading [...]