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The Letter I Never Sent

Dear survivors of David Allison, I owe you a sincere apology.  I rode the NTP with my buddy Steve in September of 2009.  The terrible experience I had around Jackson and Tupelo with high speed motor vehicle traffic inspired me to write a letter to the park service that they needed to correct it.  I never sent it and I feel terrible.  If I had, and followed up on it, maybe David would still be alive.  Here is the letter:Dear Sirs,I recently completed a self-supported bicycle Keep reading [...]
Oct 13, 2009 - General News    Comments Off on Heels on Wheels Nashville

Heels on Wheels Nashville

Hope you find this interesting.October 12, 2009 For immediate releaseLong-time Nashvillian and Tennessee native Sonata Stanton-Rayburn is proud to announce the opening of The Heels on Wheels, a personal shopping and courier service that covers everything from stocking groceries and household items to planning Baby's nursery to assisting in holiday shopping and gift selections.Prior to starting Heels On Wheels, Rayburn worked in the music business at Progressive Global Agency, the Tennessee Cable Keep reading [...]
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Riding Smithville to Silver Point – great ride ALMOST!

Spent the weekend in Smithville celebrating Duke's birthday.  As many times as I've been to Smithville, I've always wanted to ride from town out to Silver Point and back via SR56.  So, I did it this weekend and I don't know why I haven't ridden it yet!TN SR56 zig zags north-south through Tennessee.  The section I rode is from Smithville to Silver Point, which is a exit on I40, BLOS is probably a C, wide shoulders, very curvy, 55mph speed limit, moderate traffic.  The road is pretty Keep reading [...]
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Disappointment Over Tennessee Safe Passing

This morning, someone posted a link to the HBC list. It's more or less an article, written by police officer Alex Teach, making a joke out of David Meek, a prominent bicyclist in Chattanooga who was run down by a truck.  What a horrible thing - a police officer, sworn to protect and serve, with an attitude of neglect towards one class of road users - the bicycle driver.  I always wondered why the police never wrote a ticket.  I wondered why the Grand Jury failed to press charges against Keep reading [...]
Jul 15, 2009 - Bicycling    Comments Off on Safe Bike Route for HWEN to Green Hills Mall Area

Safe Bike Route for HWEN to Green Hills Mall Area

I had a discussion with a non-bicycling friend several weeks ago about bicycling, Nashville bike facilities, and the feasibility of bicycling for something other than exercise.  She was adamant that bicycles are impractical, stopping short of "bicycles shouldn't be on the road."  And there are plenty of greenways and bike lanes that bicyclists should stick to, and stay off her roads.  Interestingly, her husband, a former bicyclist, seemed to agree with her.  At first Keep reading [...]
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Riding My Bike to Work

A friend of mine sent me this cartoon.  I hope it's not gonna get me a cease and desist or something because of copyrights.  I'll take it off if someone has a problem I guess.  But, Pat = Jeff.Rode my bike to work today.  For as much as I spout off advocacy stuff, I don't practice what I preach nearly as often as I should.  I should ride my bike to work every day.  Took off at 6:30am this morning.  It's 12 miles towards the lousy side of town - Antioch.  I Keep reading [...]
Apr 13, 2009 - A Better Place    Comments Off on Taking a Walk

Taking a Walk

Donna and I walked over to her sister's house on Saturday.  It's easily less than two miles, but the route travels across I-440 overpass and continues on 21st Avenue.  Along the way, we were nearly run over three times, one time I had to jump back because the driver was speeding through a corner, looking back at traffic, and didn't see me until I screamed at him.  It's amazing how drivers are oblivious to bicyclists and especially walkers.  Nashvillians believe that people that Keep reading [...]
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Disappointed – Obama’s Dog Choice

Oh, the great buzz around the new Water Dog in the Whitehouse! Oh, the new dog has that cute curly hair, he's non-allergenic. What a great thing for the girls! What a horrible sad day for shelter dogs, perhaps all dogs, everywhere in the USA. The Obama family is tremendously popular. Michelle wears some brand or outfit, thousands run right out looking to mimic her. The Obamas choose a purebred Portugese Water Dog? Thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, head out hunting for one. What's Keep reading [...]
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Donald Hall Foundation

You may remember this story from the DNJ back in February. On 1/21/09, Donald Hall was a victim of a hit-and-run driver and left on the side of the road for six hours before someone found him. Donald rode his bike to work everyday in Lavergne, TN just outside of Nashville. Donald is paralyzed from the accident and was recently moved to the University of Michigan Hospital to be close to his family. http://www.wsmv.com/news/18786996/detail.htmlAfter reading this story, Sarah Lovett and I decided we Keep reading [...]
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Dawson "Dee Dee" Clements

Dawson "Dee Dee" Clements???? - March 9, 2009We were spending Thanksgiving 2003 with Donna's folks in Smithville.  As usual, Boppy and I were out at the office in the barn with the door open, enjoying the cool air.  An old ratty black cat was milling around, squauking, purring and generally looking for attention.  She walked with a crippled limp, and was skin and bones.  When Donna came out to check on us she immediately took interest in this old ratty bony cat.After Keep reading [...]