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Welder on the way…

I started out with a John Deere tractor I wanted to trade for a TIG welder (I couldn't sell it.) Dad died in 1998, he worked in Mobile, AL in the summertime (between college to be an engineer) as a welding apprentice in the shipyard. Not a very good job. As I grew up, he had a stick welder, and was pretty good at it from his summer job. Every time we wanted to stick aluminum or stainless together, he would say "We would need a 'heliarc' for that." Since I was a kid, I always wanted one of those [I]exotic Keep reading [...]
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I was in NYC last week and stopped by when they were in Times Square, and saw them again in Zuccotti Park (twice from a tour bus.)  What these protesters have found is another plane of thinking - many Americans don't even understand it.  Maybe it's because they're so brainwashed by the 1% that it's hard to explain?  Or is it the labeling that they're the fattest laziest dirtiest scum in our society? Matt Lauer this morning, on the Today Show, sat there and criticized them for not having a message. Keep reading [...]
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WordPress – Android Market

So I've been trying to get WordPress - Android Market to work.  I keep getting: HTTP status code: 412 was returned.  Precondition Failed. I'm gonna keep trying for a little while.  Apparently folks hosted on ICDSoft (which I am) are having trouble.  I'm not sure I want to hack my WordPress code to make it work.  I'll keep looking. Turns out FactoryJoe has a fix, but it warns that it makes your site vulnerable.  Don't do this. Finally, I found this post that tells you to create a .htaccess Keep reading [...]
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Comcast Xfinity Voice Service – a Nashville experience

OK, so back several years ago, we switched our phone service from AT&T to Vonage.  We saved a TON of money since then.  But, occasionally we've had miscellaneous minor problems with the service, some were my home phone wiring.  Well, we got a call from Comcast today about combining our voice service and upgrade to digital cable. After quickly adding up our Cable and Vonage bills, we decided it would be worth doing it.  During the disclosure rambling, the salesperson said they would charge Keep reading [...]
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Time for a Patclements.com Facelift

I've been running my site on Geeklog for many years now, at least 5 or 6.  It's time for a facelift.  Contemplating the change for many years, even through serving for two years as webmaster for harpethbikeclub.com using Joomla, I finally settled in on WordPress.  It allows easy BLOG posting, it has wide support, interesting and powerful plug-ins, strong mobile support and it seems easy (honestly installing Joomla plugins are easier.)  Why didn't I simply use Blogger?  Well, I want the power Keep reading [...]
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Where Have I Been?

It's been quite a while since I wrote an article about the death of Sharon Bayler. If you follow me on Facebook or you browse my Flickr page, you can probably figure out what I've been up to. But if you don't, read more below to find out more. Summary: - Bike Walk Tennessee: advocacy will suck up every ounce of time you have. - Work: I really should keep up my LinkedIn. Regardless, I've been very busy at work. I won't be detailing it online, but I'll share some general comments. - Life: Yes, I'm Keep reading [...]
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Tennessee Cyclist Killed – RIP Sharon Bayler

It always makes me very sad when a bicyclist is out enjoying a country road or their ride to work and is run over by a speeding car.  Sharon Bayler was riding just north of Taft, TN on state highway 274.  She was "sweeping" with a group of bicyclists.  For those of you that don't know what sweeping is, someone intentionally rides last and makes sure none of the beginners get in trouble or lost.  It's a very noble thing to do.  And I imagine Sharon was taking it Keep reading [...]
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Fowler “Pappy” Boppy Stanton – story from a student

Today at Boppy's funeral, we met many people, some Donna, Sonata and the rest of the family knew, others were from life before our crew.  We heard many stories.  From Mindi Mercer via email to Donna, This story was never verbalized since his death, but quite special and easy to share with you. Pappy, You Will Be Missed It was a little band room on the outer edge of a small middle school in rural Jackson County Tennessee, furnished with old metal folding chairs and even older music stands, and Keep reading [...]
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Fowler Stanton, Amadeus and the Sea Monster

Last week on the evening of February 25, 2010, our family lost Fowler Stanton (Boppy.)  He was Donna's stepdad and the man that raised her.  He was always up to something crazy or poetic.  The story below is one we found while going through his wishes.  A little background:    Boppy was raised on a farm in Buffalo Valley, Tennessee.  Most people know it as an exit to go fly fishing on the Caney.  It was a bustling area back in the early 20th century.  Keep reading [...]
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Camera is Ready to Upgrade, Which One?

I guess readers can see that I've gotten pretty big into photography.  It's another good way to combine my favorite sports and activities with yet another challenge.  I've carried my DSLR across Iowa on my bike in my handlebar bag.  I've hiked miles deep into Walls of Jericho with all my lenses and my full size tripod (what was I thinking on that one?)  I have a waterproof case so I can take it canoeing or kayaking.  So many times, I've taken beautifully composed pictures Keep reading [...]