Jan 29, 2007 - Bicycling    Comments Off on HWEN Area to East Nashville

HWEN Area to East Nashville

Originally on v1 of patclements.com. It explains how to start in Hillsboro West End neighborhood, and cross through downtown Nashville, to create a pretty long ride. HWEN Area to East Nashville - start at the old Wild Oats on Belmont, where it crosses over I440. Follow Belmont towards downtown, 4 way stop turn right. Go to light, turn right. Cross Wedgewood, follow bike lanes down to Musica (the naked statue). Make your way through downtown to cross the Gateway Bridge to East Nashville. Continue Keep reading [...]
Jan 29, 2007 - Bicycle Ride Reviews    Comments Off on Ride Reviews!

Ride Reviews!

Hey, if anyone wants to submit a ride story, let me know and I’ll add you a user ID. I’m gonna convert stories from the old Patclements.com, but it’s gonna take some time.

Jan 29, 2007 - General News    Comments Off on Making Progress this Weekend!

Making Progress this Weekend!

I've been playing with colors and layouts, but that's gonna take a lot of work to figure out how all the customization works. It aint that easy, and the GeekLog themes seem to be particular about the version of GL you use. And, I'm color challenged, so every customization I've done looked really ugly. Make sure you check out the Calendar and the MediaGallery, accessible across the very top of the page. I hope to customize those links into menus below the starting graphic. I can see a major Keep reading [...]
Jan 28, 2007 - General News    Comments Off on Witness the Evolution!

Witness the Evolution!

Welcome to my new website engine, GeekLog! I hope this will let me keep content fresh, by making it easier to publish content. This is a content management system (blog-like), with calendars, galleries, and is somewhat customizable with plug-in's, etc. You'll soon see a new logo and some of the old content republished back into the new format. Maybe I'll set up some friends and family with accounts, so they can post pictures, "Pat Stories" (only nice ones) or who knows what else. Keep reading [...]