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2007 MS150 Jack and Back THANK YOU!

Total Raised:  $33,306Greetings fellow HBC members and cycling community!  I want to tell you all a little about this weekend and the great things your fellow members accomplished this weekend!  I'm not going to tell you about the riding, the hills or average speed.  A little story to start.     This afternoon, Andy, Dan, Donna and I were patiently waiting for the last rider to arrive in College Grove, the last and the HBC-sponsored rest stop.  Keep reading [...]
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2007 MS150 Jack and Back!

Please support me in the MS Midsouth (NMSS) MS150 Jack and Back! Did you know that Sheldon Brown was diagnosed with MS over the summer? I just can't believe it. The icon of cycling - the happy go lucky guy that all cyclists love.  He can't even ride his tri-recumbent anymore. Pictures of his walker grace his website.  That's depressing. Read about it here.  Please help Sheldon and thousands of others just like him.Go make a donation  - CLICK HERE.PS - this is one of the Keep reading [...]
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OK, I need Google to find our new project site, so I want it to find it multiple ways. Go check it out, and link to it from your site! www.tennessee3feet.org We're launching the full campaign on October 10 with a press conference. We hope to have bumper stickers, yardsticks and posters by the time we launch. Tennessee cyclists and cycling clubs, stay tuned. We're gonna need your help, and you'll hear from us very soon through emails, etc. Thanks Al Wagner for this photo! Keep reading [...]
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Joomla and JACL

I've been fooling with Joomla to see if it would be good for HBC.  Joomla installation is very user-friendly.  Modules and components are fun to load.  Though, getting something published requires you to think a different way.  But, it's very cool and it looks good!Granular permissioning is important.  So, I found Juga, which I couldn't make do anything.  I uninstalled and loaded JACL, which is a hack.  I wasn't sure what that meant until I got into the process Keep reading [...]
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OK, I'm finally getting around to writing a story. But, I'm gonna plagiarize Jay Spiegel's updates as a starting point. I also plan to write a story on items to bring for RAGBRAI that are a MUST! Click Read More for Jay's daily stories! Daily updates by Jay Spiegel, my comments in some other color!  RAGBRAI Update #1 (to Spencer) I am sorry that this update is coming so late, but judging by the lack of cell towers in northwestern Iowa, it is no suprise that I have spotty coverage. So, you Keep reading [...]
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Pro Line 150 Boat FOR SALE!

Pro Line 150 Boat SOLD! PENDING SALE.  I HAVE A DEPOSIT TO RESERVE THE BOAT UNTIL THE TEST RIDE THIS WEEKEND.  IF THE DEAL FALLS THROUGH, I'LL RELIST ON CRAIGSLIST AND UPDATE THIS ARTICLE. This is a clean 1995 Pro Line boat rigged for fishing.  The original factory handrail was removed to make room to land fish, and accommodate the foot-controlled trolling motor.  Originally the boat was my father's, and he was the original owner.  He gave it to me before he passed from Keep reading [...]
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Colnago Asso Frame SOLD!

The bike is sold! Congratulations Bob C-S!COLNAGO ASSO FRAME AND FORK FOR SALE! Yes, I'm selling the frame from my first road bike. It's very responsive, and descends like it's on rails. The FREE Orbea Spirit Carbon replaced it. Used but not abused, someone is gonna get a good deal![IMG:2007061518205827]It's either a 56 or a 57cm. You need to come measure it yourself. I have a 30" inseam, and I'm 6' tall. Buyer takes responsibility for fit. Bike is  used but not abused.  It is not Keep reading [...]
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Tour de Cure 2007 is over!

Wow!  How much fun can you really have in two days?  This may be one of the best rides I've done in a long time.  Yes, you can still support me! Improvements over 2006: Start and finish in Murfreesboro downtown square! We finished at St Mary's again - yaaa!  Finish line meal of steak, baked potato, corn, watermelon.  Mmmm... Well-organized Harpeth Bike Club "medical supplies" party! Great bands at George Dickel and St Mary's! Though I didn't do it, 40 and 70 Keep reading [...]
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Tour de Cure – Time Running Out!

Reminder to visitors, time is running out to sponsor me on the Tour de Cure! If you’ve been meaning to CLICK HERE and use your credit card securely to sponsor me!  Thank you so much for your support!

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Oklahoma Rock Climbing? OKC Rocks!

Climbing in an grain silo is quite an experience. Thursday April 12, 2007 was my first time! OKC Rocks! in Oklahoma City is an interesting place with some cool ideas, but it could be better! Last Thursday, I was in Oklahoma City for business, and I decided to take my gear and visit OKC Rocks!  Just south of I-40 in Oklahoma City, actually visible with a big blue OK state flag painted on it. PICTURES ARE COMING, AS SOON AS I CAN GET THEM OFF MY PHONE! General Facilities: My first experience Keep reading [...]