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Asian Food – Nashville

Man, do I love Asian food! This article will explore some of my favorites in Nashville. If you like Thai, Japanese, Vietnamese or Korean, these are some of my favorites around Nashville, TN.

I’m one of those guys that gets tired of the same old traditional food.  Hamburgers, steaks, grilled chicken, potatoes, blah blah blah.  If you’re after an adventure, an eating adventure during the week may be just what you need!  You get the ‘unknown’ factor, mediocre or terrible health ratings, language barriers and things are in your food that you’re not sure what it really is (and I don’t want to know!)  As far as I’m concerned, the restaurants listed below are the BEST.  I’m always interested in trying new ones, but these are pretty dang good.  Leave me a comment if you have a good one.


Most people love Pad Thai, egg rolls, Cashew Chicken and curry dishes.  Siam Cuisine on White Bridge Road is one of the best.  You can get your regular Thai fare cooked just the way you expect it.  If you’re more adventurous, try the Kao Soi.  It’s a noodle dish / soup with curry and coconut milk, Asian pickles and chicken.  They’ll bring the hot stuff if you want it spicier.


Rusan’s in the Gulch is an entertaining experience.  Hard to find for some, use the Demonbreun traffic circle, exit on Division, take a left at the first light, and it’s right there on the left.  It’s a rusty-looking building.  They have a huge selection of sushi rolls, plus all the classics.  This is really a sushi adventure.  Also try the scallops in plum sauce.  Man, is that good!

Sonobana, formerly Benkay in Lion’s Head on White Bridge Road behind Dalt’s (a boring normal restaurant.)  The sushi is reliable – consistent and exactly the way you expect it.  If you want something unusual, try the Nabeyaki Udon, or order it with Soba noodles if you don’t like noodles so thick.  You’ll enjoy classical music while you eat, if you like classical music (I don’t!)


I really enjoy Vietnamese food.  Some like it, some don’t.  What you don’t realize is many multi-Asian restaurants are run by Vietnamese or Laotians.  If you find you like Vietnamese food, always ask for off-menu Vietnamese.  You might be pleasantly surprised. 

No matter where you go, always try the cold soft ‘summer rolls’ usually served with peanut sauce.  Vietnamese food is generally served mild, with stuff on the side to make it as hot as you want.  That being said, watch the menu for very hot stuff.

Miss Saigon on Charlotte Ave, just west of White Bridge Rd.  This is my standard for Vietnamese food that all other is compared to.  Of course try the Pho, great summer rolls and good service.  Also try the rice dishes with pork and shrimp. 

Your Choice Restaurant on Richards Rd in Antioch (near Haywood and Antioch Pike) – don’t be afraid, this place is really great.  They serve great Thai food, and really great Vietnamese food, including really good Pho.  Their summer rolls are not that great.  If you’re on this side of town, definitely worth the stop.


Korea House on Charlotte Avenue, between White Bridge and Hillwood Road.  It’s in a little strip mall.  My favorite dish is the Dolcot Bimbimbap, which is a rice dish served in a VERY hot stone bowl.  The rice with spinach, meat, kimshi and chili sauce is sizzling in the hot bowl when it arrives at your table.  The rice gets fried as it sits, leaving crispy rice parts after you stir it up.   I think it’s the Korean equivalent of fajitas.  Main dishes are always served with multiple small bowls of kimshi, pickled veggies, dried spinach, potatoes, etc.  The only side dish I don’t like is the little minnows with the heads.  Yes, I really did try them, and pretty much gagged.

I’m not sure the name of the other Korean restaurant, but it’s next to Sam’s Club on Antioch Pike south of Harding Place on the east side.  It’s supposed to serve really great seafood soups and all the other traditional stuff.  I think they only take cash, so be careful with credit cards  I’m gonna try it soon, and post back here.

Try them out, and let me know what you think.  Leave me some comments!


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