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Ride Coordinator Riding in the Country

I went out and rode the HBC Tuesday night ride. I’m the ride coordinator, and lately I rarely ride on the club rides, and it’s pretty pathetic I know.

Last night, I rode the new Tuesday location. The start is right off I65 by Cool Springs Blvd to the east, and the route heads south through McKay’s Mill, Arno Road and all that. Pretty neat ride once you get away from Cool Springs Boulevard. Fortunately there’s plenty of room for cars and bicycles because the roads around Cool Springs on the east side are basically wider than what’s needed for traffic.

Anyhow, I was contemplating cars that speed around out in the country in such a big hurry. A bicycle that slows them down in a blind curve infuriates many of these country-dwelling soccer mom’s. They’re in such a big hurry to get home from work, or whatever it is that’s so urgent that they pass bicycles unsafely. Why in the world did these people move out into the country in the first place? The peace and quiet? The slower pace and relaxation? Seems like the very nature of the infuriation induced by a bicycle is exactly the opposite thing these people are looking for when they make that choice to move out there. I see fewer angry drivers when riding through downtown Nashville! Maybe angry people in the country actually moved out to the country to get away from city bicycles? I just don’t know.

After the ride, about 20 of us stopped by a Mexican restaurant for food and drink. Everyone toasted the great new route and ride. The next toast a few minutes later was to "Pat Clements – our ride coordinator who actually came out and rode with us!" And everyone cheered and toasted, including me. I’m not likely to get out for too many Tuesday rides, but I guess I need to ride more or I’m gonna get fired! Hmmm…I’ll have to think about whether that’s good or bad! (-:

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