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2008 Country Music 1/2 Marathon FINISHED!

Yes, I actually finished.   My calves feel like they could cramp any minute.  My back is gonna hurt like crazy, but I did finish. 

   17714  •  Pat Clements  •  Nashville TN • M-37  •  Half Marathon  •
Gun: 7:00:30 AM 5K 6Mi 10Mi Finish O’All Sex Div
Chip: 7:36:28 AM 33:58 1:04:07 1:41:51 2:10:28 7701 4265 704
Race Pace: 10:56 10:42 10:12 9:58    

Do you remember the article on Adventure Integrity?  Back during the Harpeth Bike Club Ocoee trip in the fall (early November 2007) a person on the trip, who I won’t name (Lisa) said she was thinking about running.  I told her if she did it, I would do it.  Well, it doesn’t look like she ran.  Maybe she has a good excuse.

#####  •  Lisa X  •  Nashville TN   •  Half Marathon  •  
Gun: 7:00:30 AM 5K 6Mi 10Mi Finish O’All Sex Div
Chip: 7:00:30 AM 0 0 0
Race Pace:      

Last night, I had dinner with Donna and Mark at Bistro 215.  Scallops and fettucini.  I told them both how stupid I felt for running in a marathon.  I told them this seemed like a better idea back in December.  Donna dropped me off at 6am this morning.  I told her again how stupid it felt to be running in a marathon.  I was standing in my corrall thinking how stupid it felt to be running a half marathon. 

Finally, the gun went off.  That’s when it got exciting.  We were standing in front of Mcdonald’s on West End.  It’s on top of a hill and you could see the starting line downhill in front of Border’s.  The elite runners took off, and the crowd began to shift forward about every couple of minutes.  That’s when I knew I couldn’t turn back, and that’s when it’s time you realize you really are doing this thing! 

Since I was 17 rows back, it took 36 minutes to get started.  It was an easy trot towards downtown – it’s all downhill towards the Cumberland River.  I was following the 2:15 pace group, but they were leading me.  My run/walk strategy seemed to keep dropping me further back.  I knew Music Square West was gonna be a hill, so I was trying to take it easy.  The pace group was nowhere in sight. 

I finally got to Magnolia.  I stopped for a bathroom break.  I though I’d never see the pace group again.  Oh well.  Headed down Belmont in the easy direction.  Again, pretty easy downhill.  I knew the route would come back up Belmont, so I’d still better pace myself.  I passed a food station and grabbed a Ritz and peanut butter sandwich.  Bad idea with nothing to drink.  I finally got that swallowed. 

Longer story short, I finally caught my pace group on Division Street, probably mile 9 or so.  They seemed like they were going too slow, so I just kept running.  I saw Ralph from work, and passed on by him too.  I was in the groove – I guess that runner’s high caught on and I picked up the pace.  I just kept going at this speed, but I was afraid I just might fall on my face a few miles down the road. 

My legs started burning.  My shorts were rubbing a raw spot on the inside of my leg.  We left the full marathoners, and I wished them luck.  We crossed the Woodland Street Bridge and I could see the finish line.  I picked up the pace again.  I knew I could run hard and still finish – it was all flat or downhill from there.  After turning in towards the coliseum, the shoulders were barricaded off, and I really picked up the pace.  I figure I was close to 100% MHR, but I knew I could hold it across the finish line. 

I finally crossed at 2:10:26.  My body was pretty numb and my brain was still being reoxygenated.  Once I started thinking clearly, I finally started to realize that not only had I finished without any major walking, I had finished strong with a good time!  It was one of those moments where the emotions kind of overwhelm you.  Months of tough training in the cold and rain, sore muscles, mental challenges to fight off excuses for not going out and running.  Every moment of training is in anticipation of this moment.  I had to bite my lip to keep from tearing up!  

That’s what it’s all about.  Getting to know yourself better:  What are you capable of?  What are your limits?  What can you do if you really put your mind to it?  I think with a commitment and time to train, and no real physical limitations, the sky is the limit as to what you can really achieve.  I wonder what’s next?  Maybe a full marathon next year?  We’ll see.

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