Oct 16, 2008 - Electronics    Comments Off on DIY Bicycle Light Resources

DIY Bicycle Light Resources

I’ve always been toying with the idea of a homemade bicycle light.  I haven’t done it yet, but here are some resources to make it happen.

Some guy’s site that explains what Cree is, how to pick lenses and a few sources:


A forum site that has tons of information for homemade bike light building addicts.  They use a lot of lingo, and assume everyone knows what a Q5 LED is, or what a Buckpuck is.


A good source for LED’s and other parts.


Microprocessor controlled dimmer circuits and current regulators.  I think the nFlex is the most geek-worthy.


Simpler constant current regulators.  Makes it easy to power a LED emitter on the cheap.




Light housing – I like the bikeled.org design using square tube aluminum housing with the square lens from led-spot.com.  It’s a simple design, simple package and lightweight. 

I’ll post another story if I ever get to building this thing.  Days are getting short, and more night rides are coming up.  If I don’t build one soon, it may be another year.

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