Oct 24, 2008 - Bicycling    Comments Off on DIY Bright Bike Light

DIY Bright Bike Light

OK, so I started receiving my parts today for my homemade bike light.  I’m following http://www.bikeled.org/, an excellent resource, and Allen is a great guy, answering stupid questions about whether to hook up the LED’s in serial or parallel (serial by the way!) 
Today, I received my lenses from Led-Spot.  I just ordered them yesterday from California, and they arrived DHL tonight.  Shipping was $6.  Unbelievable!  The lenses are much smaller than I imagined.  Probably 3/4" across.

I’ll keep posting progress here.  I’m expecting my batteries and charger next, and AAA thermal epoxy, LED’s and nFlex should be in some time next week.  If Led-spot sold that stuff, it would be here now!

This should be fun.

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