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Election Day Emotions

I voted early. I was pretty much convinced of who I was going to vote for.  And I didn’t care if they suddenly found Bin Laden in a hole somewhere.  Or if some video emerged of my candidate saying something back in the70’s.  People change their thoughts over the years about things.  They become more open minded, evolving from hate and fear, to tolerance, and eventually acceptance.  It’s a personal growth that I hope Americans can go through over at least the next four years if my candidate is elected, which it looks like he will.

I rode my bike over to my early voting location at the Green Hills Library.  It’s funny to get the "are you riding a bike"?  Of course I’m standing there in tights, bike shoes, "superhero" jersey holding my helmet.  I digress.  As I approached the voting booth, I began thinking about who I was going to vote for – thoughts like: 

Am I making the right choice?  Do the paranoid people I know have it figured out?  George Bush won the election last night through a campaign of fear.  I couldn’t accept fear as a motivator again, and I hope we as Americans never do that again. 

I believe my choices shape the future of our country.  Our forefathers bravery, patriotism and belief in a better future for their children, grandchildren and beyond give us the opportunity.  Voting is the most American thing we do.  It’s humbling but also uplifting – an experience that touches me.

This is an historic election – a black man as president, or a white woman as vice-president?  With either choice, when you select your choice on the machine and finalize your vote, it’s this feeling that you’re part of a new era in America.  You’re making history – it makes me feel like I’m making a difference in our future.  I’m enthusiastic for young black people to have a role model in the highest position in the world, to show that anything is possible for them.  I hope if Obama wins, he reinforces that it’s not an entitlement – success is earned through education and hard work. 

I’m a chronic over-analyzer and it’s a big thing for me to make a decision and commit.  Once you push that button, you can’t go back and change your mind.  Not that I wanted to, it’s one of those small (but hugely important) events in life where you have to make a one or the other decision and commit.

For those of you that monitor my website daily for updates and find this article on November 4, and you haven’t voted yet, back away from the computer and go vote.  (I think my website gets about 4 hits a day, peak, so it’s not likely!)

Off to work…

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