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Papa Boudreaux’s Cajun Cafe

I lived in Mobile, AL for a few years, parents born and raised there, my grandmother was born lived there until she was almost 90.  Mobile was actually where Mardi Gras restarted after the Civil War.  Long story short, the cajun influence in the way my family eats is present – gumbo, tobasco, etc.  No, we didn’t eat boudin and cracklin’s.  I love cajun food.  Business trips to Lafayette and Ville Platte are my favorite.  A cold frosty pitcher of beer, a good cajun buffet will all-you-can-eat crawfish, and I’m in heaven.

Anyhow, after Katrina, many residents, including some great cooks, relocated to Middle Tennessee.  One of those cooks has opened a restaurant called Papa Boudreaux’s in Fly, TN.  Yes, Fly, TN.  If you’ve ever been to Fly, I think it’s because it’s like a fly speck on the map.  It’s a great place for bicycling, and supposed to be a great place for eating.  We’re gonna give it a try tonight and I’ll continue this over the weekend.

UPDATE:  It was really good, charming, not fancy by any means.  If it’s a busy night and the weather is bad, go another night.  The waiting area is the parking lot. 

Food is family style so everyone has to decide on something.  My favorite was catfish with some kind of dill cajun sauce over pasta.  It’s making me hungry just thinking about it. 

Another thing that was funny was the owner sat outside and drank wine with the people waiting.  He’s a pretty funny guy. 

Everyone gets to know each other.  The dining room is small and everyone is kinda elbow to elbow.  Plenty of conversations occur based on "what are you eating over there?" between folks that were previously strangers.

Long story short, it’s a fun place to go eat.  Give it a try.

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