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Boulevard Dash 2008

Once again, someone (Larae H) challenged me for another run. So, I ran the Boulevard Dash yesterday to get Thanksgiving Day started. The run was 5 miles, starting on Belle Meade Boulevard near Harding Road. We turned around near the park entrance, and then returned to the end of BMB. Out of about 20 people that met us at the start, Larae and I were the only ones that ran. Our time was about 47:11, not bad since I haven’t put one foot in front of the other faster than walking since the 2008 Country Music Marathon.

I am so sore today. I’m having trouble walking DOWN stairs! My quads are killing me. I’ll never go run without working up to it again. And I’m going mountain biking tomorrow at Lock 4 on a borrowed single speed. I haven’t been mountain biking since the 2006 HBC Ocoee trip. This holiday is full of stupid things to do. Oh well, I’m having fun anyways!

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