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Disappointed – Obama’s Dog Choice

Oh, the great buzz around the new Water Dog in the Whitehouse! Oh, the new dog has that cute curly hair, he’s non-allergenic. What a great thing for the girls! What a horrible sad day for shelter dogs, perhaps all dogs, everywhere in the USA.

The Obama family is tremendously popular. Michelle wears some brand or outfit, thousands run right out looking to mimic her. The Obamas choose a purebred Portugese Water Dog? Thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, head out hunting for one. What’s the problem? Well, let me start a list:

Backyard Breeders and Puppy Mills – the United States is in for an explosion of poorly bred dogs – an invention of new genetic defaults from inbreeding and other behaviors.  Here are the characteristics we’ll see in the dogs of the future, from the AKC site on PWD:

1. Temperament–Shy, vicious, or unsound behavior.
2. Head–Unimpressive; small in overall size; narrow in topskull; snipey in muzzle.
3. Substance–Light or refined in bone; lacking in muscle.
4. Coat–Sparse; naturally short, close-lying hair, partially or over all; wispy or wiry in texture; brittle; double-coated.
5. Tail–Other than as described. Extremely low set. Heavy or droopy in action.
6. Pigment–Any deviation from described pigmen- tation; other than black or various tones of brown eye color; pink or partial pigmentation in nose, lips, eyes, or eye rims.
7. Bite–Overshot or undershot.

Start looking for thousands of PWD’s with those seven characteristics.  And you’ll see the PWD rescue groups cranking up.

Intolerance for Behavior Problems – most dogs in shelters awaiting their death, or chained to a tree in the back corner of the yard are there because their owners have a lack of tolerance for behavior problems.  My dogs are not the most obedient calm dogs in the world, but I understand what kind of behavior to expect. 

"Oh, I have a Obama Water Dog!  I’m so cool!  I’m just like the Obama’s!  I’m showing my support of the pres!" 
"Well where is she?"
"Oh, she’s out in the pen in the back corner of the yard."
"She kept eating the baby’s diapers, chewed my shoes, pee’ed on the floor, had diarrhea from left-overs, barked too much and tended to knock the kids over."

Shelter Dogs Awaiting Death – too many dogs,through no fault of their own, find themselves awaiting death at our county pounds and shelters.  Most are there because of nuisance behavior problems that could be solved with some basic techniques, proper socialization when they’re puppies or just some exercise (which would also benefit the owner.)  Over 4 million dogs are put to death every year in shelters.  It’s sad that the Obama message couldn’t include this.  He should buy a Hummer next, to give Americans a role model to follow on energy issues.

In Closing….
I’m amazed at the lack of criticism of the Obamas and their dog choice.  Multiple Google searches to see what kind of noise this is generating revealed very little.  Is it because Obama is pro-environment, against seal killings, etc.  On the positive, he has the opportunity to demonstrate proper dog ownership.  There’s already talk that the girls will walk the dogs, pick up the poop.  I wonder if the dog will be allowed to dig up the vegetable garden and pee on the rug?  If problems makes it public, then people will know what it’s like to own a dog.  I can see Michelle in one of those striking outfits, those arms and shoulders, on her hands and knees with "Nature’s Miracle" cleaning up a dog diarrhea stain, with the Whitehouse photographer snapping shots!  Ha!

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