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Incredibly Good Stress

There is a good kind of stress – the kind that makes you obsess, the kind that drives you to think, create, wake up on the middle of the night with a new idea, inspires, drives you to do more than you think you can do, the kind that motivates you to exceed the highest expectations you even set for yourself.
It’s the new opportunity, it’s the change that inspires.  It’s the freedom to be outside the box.  It’s the opportunity to search for the edges of that new box.
When have you had that opportunity in your life?  When have you made that opportunity for yourself through simple willpower?
Envisioning what you really truly deeply want for yourself will make yourself unstoppable.  When have you had the choice to create discomfort, create the moment to break free of the complacency that’s bred mediocrity and boredom in your life? 
How often in our short lives have we had that opportunity?  I think it happens when we make up our minds that our circumstances aren’t good enough.  Sometimes the same old thing is a prison we can’t escape.  Sometimes you have to set yourself free to realize your best.

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