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WordPress – Android Market

So I’ve been trying to get WordPress – Android Market to work.  I keep getting:

HTTP status code: 412 was returned.  Precondition Failed.

I’m gonna keep trying for a little while.  Apparently folks hosted on ICDSoft (which I am) are having trouble.  I’m not sure I want to hack my WordPress code to make it work.  I’ll keep looking.

Turns out FactoryJoe has a fix, but it warns that it makes your site vulnerable.  Don’t do this.

Finally, I found this post that tells you to create a .htaccess file via cpanel (WordPress doesn’t create one by default) and put the following code in it:

<IfModule mod_security.c>
SecFilterRemove 114

That did it.  By sharing that I’ve done this, I hope I don’t get hacked.  I can always have my site restored I guess.  I also found that ICDSoft has a hosting rule that blocks access to a particular file that WordPress needs (xmlrpc.php, XML remote procedure call, I presume!)  Squamloom posted about it first.

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