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Comcast Xfinity Voice Service – a Nashville experience

OK, so back several years ago, we switched our phone service from AT&T to Vonage.  We saved a TON of money since then.  But, occasionally we’ve had miscellaneous minor problems with the service, some were my home phone wiring.  Well, we got a call from Comcast today about combining our voice service and upgrade to digital cable.

After quickly adding up our Cable and Vonage bills, we decided it would be worth doing it.  During the disclosure rambling, the salesperson said they would charge us $7/month for a cable modem with voice service.  I figure at $7/month, that works out to $168 over two years.  That would add up pretty quick.  I told the lady I’d buy one.

So, off I went searching for the price on one.  After a ton of research, I found out that the type of cable modem is a “EMTA” – Embedded Multimedia Terminal Adapter.  Turns out you have to buy your EMTA from a Best Buy with a Comcast kiosk.  And the stupid thing is almost $200.  So, looks like I’ll be renting my EMTA from Comcast.

It was suggested we just abandon our home phone and switch to cell service only.  If I can figure out how to move my home number to some kind of service, like Google Voice, maybe for a small fee, we’ll do that and give them their EMTA back.

More coming.  I’ll update as this thing progresses.  They’ll be out Tuesday to install.  We also need to think about our Tivo boxes and consider Comcast DVR, or maybe a Freevo or MythTV.

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