Aug 6, 2011 - General News    Comments Off on Time for a Facelift

Time for a Facelift

I’ve been running my site on Geeklog for many years now, at least 5 or 6.  It’s time for a facelift.  Contemplating the change for many years, even through serving for two years as webmaster for using Joomla, I finally settled in on WordPress.  It allows easy BLOG posting, it has wide support, interesting and powerful plug-ins, strong mobile support and it seems easy (honestly installing Joomla plugins are easier.)  Why didn’t I simply use Blogger?  Well, I want the power to do more than a simple serial blog.  Wordpress supports pages, links and all kinds of other stuff.

Anyhow, I hope to have Google+, Facebook and Twitter integration built in soon so friends and followers can automatically see when I post something new.

I’m also going to add a Politics page.  The recent economic issues have me thinking, and I have some ideas.  Maybe my BLOG isn’t a good place to talk about politics or religion, but I think I can stay professional with political discussions.

PS – I need to convert WP to the root WWW server soon.  Hope that’s not too difficult!

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