Jan 29, 2007 - General News    Comments Off on Making Progress this Weekend!

Making Progress this Weekend!

I’ve been playing with colors and layouts, but that’s gonna take a lot of work to figure out how all the customization works. It aint that easy, and the GeekLog themes seem to be particular about the version of GL you use. And, I’m color challenged, so every customization I’ve done looked really ugly.

Make sure you check out the Calendar and the MediaGallery, accessible across the very top of the page. I hope to customize those links into menus below the starting graphic.

I can see a major storage overload on my server, considering how easy it is to upload images. The areas around the screen are called "blocks". I can also add blocks that contain weather info, Amazon, RSS feeds, links to YouTube content, and a bunch of other stuff. If you have a fun and useful suggestion, let me know.

Ah, one last thing. I can delegate YOU an account, to publish stories, upload pictures, edit the site calendar, and all kinds of other stuff. Have you ever painted a fence? Oh, it’s so much fun! If you’re interested in doing any of that stuff, let me know and we’ll experiment.

Hope you enjoy witnessing my progress!

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