Jan 25, 2010 - General News    Comments Off on 365 Flickr Project

365 Flickr Project

I don’t know if many folks have heard of a 365 project.  You essentially take one photo per day and post it to a set on Flickr.  The basic rule is you have to post a picture from that day, which means you have to take a picture every day.  Some folks say you’re supposed to be in every one of them.  I’m not following that rule in mine.  I kind of use it as a photo diary.


The hard part is when you have a long day at work.  It gets old taking pictures of things at work.  Then after dark, it gets tougher to take a photo.  Thank goodness for my Droid.  I can take an impromptu photo with no special equipment. 

So far it’s been kind of interesting.  I spend "down time" like driving, scanning for a future photo opportunity.  See something interesting in a restaurant?  Grocery store?

It’s easy to spend too much time taking pictures of things I’m eating, or the dogs or cats.  Maybe I’ll take pictures of the dogs and cats eating?

I think everyone should give this a try.  It’s kinda fun and it gets you out of the house.

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