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Dec 2, 2012 - A Better Place, Bike Advocacy Thoughts    Comments Off on How to Discourage Bicyclists in Your Community

How to Discourage Bicyclists in Your Community

I finally decided it's time, after all the blood sweat and tears at the local, state and national level to turn things around.  Are you tired of them adding seconds to your trip?  Are you tired of looking at their skinny butts all enjoying themselves, smiling, taking in the world so vigorously?  I'm going to explain how to live in a community that's bicycle-free! 1.  Choose a place where no one wants to go.  Find some where ugly.  Bicyclists usually like beautiful places to ride. 2.  Live Keep reading [...]
Oct 15, 2009 - Bike Advocacy Thoughts    Comments Off on The Letter I Never Sent

The Letter I Never Sent

Dear survivors of David Allison, I owe you a sincere apology.  I rode the NTP with my buddy Steve in September of 2009.  The terrible experience I had around Jackson and Tupelo with high speed motor vehicle traffic inspired me to write a letter to the park service that they needed to correct it.  I never sent it and I feel terrible.  If I had, and followed up on it, maybe David would still be alive.  Here is the letter:Dear Sirs,I recently completed a self-supported bicycle Keep reading [...]
Aug 4, 2009 - Bike Advocacy Thoughts    Comments Off on Disappointment Over Tennessee Safe Passing

Disappointment Over Tennessee Safe Passing

This morning, someone posted a link to the HBC list. It's more or less an article, written by police officer Alex Teach, making a joke out of David Meek, a prominent bicyclist in Chattanooga who was run down by a truck.  What a horrible thing - a police officer, sworn to protect and serve, with an attitude of neglect towards one class of road users - the bicycle driver.  I always wondered why the police never wrote a ticket.  I wondered why the Grand Jury failed to press charges against Keep reading [...]
Apr 2, 2009 - Bike Advocacy Thoughts    Comments Off on Donald Hall Foundation

Donald Hall Foundation

You may remember this story from the DNJ back in February. On 1/21/09, Donald Hall was a victim of a hit-and-run driver and left on the side of the road for six hours before someone found him. Donald rode his bike to work everyday in Lavergne, TN just outside of Nashville. Donald is paralyzed from the accident and was recently moved to the University of Michigan Hospital to be close to his family. reading this story, Sarah Lovett and I decided we Keep reading [...]
Oct 19, 2008 - Bike Advocacy Thoughts    Comments Off on Nashville 2008 Bicycling Accidents

Nashville 2008 Bicycling Accidents

I'm going to try to list Nashville-area bicycling accidents that I know of in 2008.  If you know of more, let me know and I'll put them here.August 2008:  Jeff B  - while morning commuting on Thompson Lane east-bound in the bike lane, on a downhill section, an elderly couple passed him, heading for Shoney's turned right in front of him and ran him into the curb and off the road.  Jeff was scraped up, bleeding from the road rash on his elbow.  Not sure whether it was that Keep reading [...]