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Dec 7, 2007 - General News    Comments Off on Mister Splashy Pants!

Mister Splashy Pants!

Greenpeace is holding an online poll to "name the whale"! Go vote for Mister Splashy Pants!
UPDATE:  Mr Splashy Pants did actually win!  Now you can go buy t-shirts, hats and coffee mugs!


Nov 7, 2007 - General News    Comments Off on Yes, I’ve become a ‘Vegetarian’

Yes, I’ve become a ‘Vegetarian’

OK, once and for all, I'm kind of tired of all the questions: You're a vegetarian? How long have you been doing that? That's weird!  Why the hell would you want to do that? Why did you quit eating meat? ("you big dummy" or "weirdo" implied with the non-verbals) Just click Read More below to get the story.  Fair warning - it's a "Pat's Soapbox" story that I've been thinking about for a while.In the mean time, here are some videos for Keep reading [...]
Aug 15, 2007 - General News    Comments Off on Joomla and JACL

Joomla and JACL

I've been fooling with Joomla to see if it would be good for HBC.  Joomla installation is very user-friendly.  Modules and components are fun to load.  Though, getting something published requires you to think a different way.  But, it's very cool and it looks good!Granular permissioning is important.  So, I found Juga, which I couldn't make do anything.  I uninstalled and loaded JACL, which is a hack.  I wasn't sure what that meant until I got into the process Keep reading [...]
Jul 12, 2007 - General News    Comments Off on Pro Line 150 Boat FOR SALE!

Pro Line 150 Boat FOR SALE!

Pro Line 150 Boat SOLD! PENDING SALE.  I HAVE A DEPOSIT TO RESERVE THE BOAT UNTIL THE TEST RIDE THIS WEEKEND.  IF THE DEAL FALLS THROUGH, I'LL RELIST ON CRAIGSLIST AND UPDATE THIS ARTICLE. This is a clean 1995 Pro Line boat rigged for fishing.  The original factory handrail was removed to make room to land fish, and accommodate the foot-controlled trolling motor.  Originally the boat was my father's, and he was the original owner.  He gave it to me before he passed from Keep reading [...]
Mar 4, 2007 - General News    Comments Off on Visit to Memphis, TN!

Visit to Memphis, TN!

No, don't get too excited. With plans for a nice day hike dashed, I'm sitting here in the public library writing about my visit to the Riverfront, Outdoors Inc. and some BBQ. Who knows what's in store for tonight? Tunica MS? Yes, I must be bored. March 3, 2007. This morning, we started our day at the Days Inn off I40 at exit 20, whatever that town was. We took I40 on into Memphis, and I dropped Donna off at 8AM at the Madison Hotel for an injectables seminar. OK, now I have 2 hours to burn Keep reading [...]
Feb 12, 2007 - General News    Comments Off on Tippmann A5 Paintball Gun FOR SALE!

Tippmann A5 Paintball Gun FOR SALE!

 TIPPMANN A5 PAINTBALL MARKER FOR SALEHERE'S THE CRAIGSLIST POSTING.Includes Tippman A5 marker - new condition, still have the box. Capable of 15 rounds per second. Not customized, but plenty of after-market options available. You will NOT find a used A5 in better condition. CO2 Tank (painted camo) Very nice bag - ditto on brand Deluxe Cleaning Tools, O-rings Reloader canisters & belt Capacity limiter (to hold 25 balls, makes woods ball more strategic) Mask (painted camo) - if you want the Keep reading [...]
Feb 4, 2007 - General News    Comments Off on Boston Terror Attacks? OH PLEASE!

Boston Terror Attacks? OH PLEASE!

I was chasing links this morning, found some cool stuff, then circumstances led me down the path below.  Whack! It finally dawned on me. How stupid is this Boston Terrorist thing?Read more, and I'll take you through my Internet adventure.  Follow the links one at a time so you can see where I went, come back here for the next one, and you'll realize the stupidity.1.  I stumbled across a site that was discussing nearly harmless and kind of funny "LED throwies".  Keep reading [...]
Jan 29, 2007 - General News    Comments Off on Making Progress this Weekend!

Making Progress this Weekend!

I've been playing with colors and layouts, but that's gonna take a lot of work to figure out how all the customization works. It aint that easy, and the GeekLog themes seem to be particular about the version of GL you use. And, I'm color challenged, so every customization I've done looked really ugly. Make sure you check out the Calendar and the MediaGallery, accessible across the very top of the page. I hope to customize those links into menus below the starting graphic. I can see a major Keep reading [...]
Jan 28, 2007 - General News    Comments Off on Witness the Evolution!

Witness the Evolution!

Welcome to my new website engine, GeekLog! I hope this will let me keep content fresh, by making it easier to publish content. This is a content management system (blog-like), with calendars, galleries, and is somewhat customizable with plug-in's, etc. You'll soon see a new logo and some of the old content republished back into the new format. Maybe I'll set up some friends and family with accounts, so they can post pictures, "Pat Stories" (only nice ones) or who knows what else. Keep reading [...]