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Jul 2, 2013 - Bicycling    Comments Off on How to, not to paint a Nutcase helmet

How to, not to paint a Nutcase helmet

So I got on a kick to get a Nutcase helmet and paint a graphic on it. Since there's nothing on the Internet about how to paint one, I thought I'd share my experience. I'll first share a little about Nutcase bike helmets. They have an awesome adjustment system for the head strap - big knob that adjusts firmly. The magnetic buckle can easily be operated one-handed, if you ever need to buckle your helmet one-handed? The outer coating claims 360 degree visibility at night - a reflective coating? Keep reading [...]
Jun 4, 2012 - Bicycling, Uncategorized    Comments Off on 2012 Harpeth River Ride Review

2012 Harpeth River Ride Review

Back in 2004, my big thing was gardening.  I had just starting to get into bicycling seriously, and my weekend time was beginning to become a scarce resource.  I was collecting daylilies, hostas and roses.  I had even joined the Middle Tennessee Daylily Society.  The first River Ride I had ever heard of was that year, and it fell on the same day I had volunteered to be a daylily show judge assistant.  The whole time I wanted to be at that ride.  The next year, I volunteered to work registration. Keep reading [...]
May 18, 2010 - Bicycling    Comments Off on Tennessee Cyclist Killed – RIP Sharon Bayler

Tennessee Cyclist Killed – RIP Sharon Bayler

It always makes me very sad when a bicyclist is out enjoying a country road or their ride to work and is run over by a speeding car.  Sharon Bayler was riding just north of Taft, TN on state highway 274.  She was "sweeping" with a group of bicyclists.  For those of you that don't know what sweeping is, someone intentionally rides last and makes sure none of the beginners get in trouble or lost.  It's a very noble thing to do.  And I imagine Sharon was taking it Keep reading [...]
Jul 15, 2009 - Bicycling    Comments Off on Safe Bike Route for HWEN to Green Hills Mall Area

Safe Bike Route for HWEN to Green Hills Mall Area

I had a discussion with a non-bicycling friend several weeks ago about bicycling, Nashville bike facilities, and the feasibility of bicycling for something other than exercise.  She was adamant that bicycles are impractical, stopping short of "bicycles shouldn't be on the road."  And there are plenty of greenways and bike lanes that bicyclists should stick to, and stay off her roads.  Interestingly, her husband, a former bicyclist, seemed to agree with her.  At first Keep reading [...]
Jan 6, 2009 - Bicycling    Comments Off on Green Fleet Messengers – new service!

Green Fleet Messengers – new service!

Austin Bauman, a cycling advocate in Nashville, is starting a new courier service on January 12. Looks like he's covering downtown, West End, 21st, Music Row and Green Hills. What a great way to reduce traffic congestion, be green and get a package across town fast! You can get more info from Austin at Keep reading [...]
Dec 1, 2008 - Bicycling    Comments Off on Mountain Biking Single Speed

Mountain Biking Single Speed

It's been a while since I've been mountain biking.  Before my first Jack and Back (which I count as what got me started road biking) I used to mountain bike all the time.  Me and some co-workers would cut out of work early on beautiful days and head out.  At that time, I didn't realize I couldn't really turn the pedals.  I did wonder how those guys in tight pants could fly up those hills.  It was because they rode road as well.  I digress...Well, on Saturday some friends Keep reading [...]
Oct 24, 2008 - Bicycling    Comments Off on DIY Bright Bike Light

DIY Bright Bike Light

OK, so I started receiving my parts today for my homemade bike light.  I'm following, an excellent resource, and Allen is a great guy, answering stupid questions about whether to hook up the LED's in serial or parallel (serial by the way!)  Today, I received my lenses from Led-Spot.  I just ordered them yesterday from California, and they arrived DHL tonight.  Shipping was $6.  Unbelievable!  The lenses are much smaller than I imagined.  Keep reading [...]
Sep 22, 2007 - Bicycling    Comments Off on 2007 MS150 Jack and Back!

2007 MS150 Jack and Back!

Please support me in the MS Midsouth (NMSS) MS150 Jack and Back! Did you know that Sheldon Brown was diagnosed with MS over the summer? I just can't believe it. The icon of cycling - the happy go lucky guy that all cyclists love.  He can't even ride his tri-recumbent anymore. Pictures of his walker grace his website.  That's depressing. Read about it here.  Please help Sheldon and thousands of others just like him.Go make a donation  - CLICK HERE.PS - this is one of the Keep reading [...]
Sep 13, 2007 - Bicycling    Comments Off on

OK, I need Google to find our new project site, so I want it to find it multiple ways. Go check it out, and link to it from your site! We're launching the full campaign on October 10 with a press conference. We hope to have bumper stickers, yardsticks and posters by the time we launch. Tennessee cyclists and cycling clubs, stay tuned. We're gonna need your help, and you'll hear from us very soon through emails, etc. Thanks Al Wagner for this photo! Keep reading [...]
Apr 3, 2007 - Bicycling    Comments Off on Orbea Spirit Carbon + Gran Fondo Review!

Orbea Spirit Carbon + Gran Fondo Review!

Yes, I finally got the new bike.  It's a Orbea Spirit Carbon, and here's my review!  The frame is a mix of steel, carbon fork and seat stays.  Pretty neat bike.  Gran Fondo of Nashville moved most of my Campy components from my Colnago to this bike to save me some money.  Hey, I don't need two 'fast bikes'. Read more about my experience! OK, it's now spec'ed out with FROM MY OLD BIKE Ambrosio wheels FSA compact crank Campy Centaur 12-25 cassette (I'd like to go Keep reading [...]