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Apr 13, 2009 - A Better Place    Comments Off on Taking a Walk

Taking a Walk

Donna and I walked over to her sister's house on Saturday.  It's easily less than two miles, but the route travels across I-440 overpass and continues on 21st Avenue.  Along the way, we were nearly run over three times, one time I had to jump back because the driver was speeding through a corner, looking back at traffic, and didn't see me until I screamed at him.  It's amazing how drivers are oblivious to bicyclists and especially walkers.  Nashvillians believe that people that Keep reading [...]
Apr 13, 2009 - A Better Place    Comments Off on Disappointed – Obama’s Dog Choice

Disappointed – Obama’s Dog Choice

Oh, the great buzz around the new Water Dog in the Whitehouse! Oh, the new dog has that cute curly hair, he's non-allergenic. What a great thing for the girls! What a horrible sad day for shelter dogs, perhaps all dogs, everywhere in the USA. The Obama family is tremendously popular. Michelle wears some brand or outfit, thousands run right out looking to mimic her. The Obamas choose a purebred Portugese Water Dog? Thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, head out hunting for one. What's Keep reading [...]