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Sep 11, 2008 - Miscellaneous Outdoors    Comments Off on Exped Pillow Pump

Exped Pillow Pump

I just got my Exped Pillow Pump that I ordered from Campmor. Of course I had to open it and see what's up with the thing. First impression, it's very light. It has a thick foam in it, which is not unexpected. The part that attaches to the air mattress has an adapter that reduces the size of the opening. I might glue it in, then the plug wouldn't fit and I couldn't use it as a pillow as well. Here's the weird part. It has a big "dump valve" on it so it will fill up quickly, but Keep reading [...]
Apr 27, 2008 - Miscellaneous Outdoors    Comments Off on 2008 Country Music 1/2 Marathon FINISHED!

2008 Country Music 1/2 Marathon FINISHED!

Yes, I actually finished.   My calves feel like they could cramp any minute.  My back is gonna hurt like crazy, but I did finish.     17714  •  Pat Clements  •  Nashville TN • M-37  •  Half Marathon  • Gun: 7:00:30 AM 5K Keep reading [...]
Feb 14, 2007 - Miscellaneous Outdoors    Comments Off on What’s Coming – Misc Outdoors

What’s Coming – Misc Outdoors

Just wanted to have something in my Misc Outdoors topic. I started to put hiking in it, but there seems to be enough content to fill up a hiking topic. Things to come for this Topic: Canoeing Fly Fishing Slackline? Gardening?Who knows what else.  We'll see.PS - I read a cool quote today.  People always ask me, "why do you rock climb, hike, ride your bike 100's of miles, etc?"  This says it best:So what if I fell off a cliff or got eaten by a bear. I’d gone Keep reading [...]