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Mar 19, 2008 - BLOG - Stuff On my Mind    Comments Off on A Little Bird Made my Day…

A Little Bird Made my Day…

I was out working in the yard after work today. We just got the fence done, and the dogs were working with me, stepping all in my seed beds, and finally my bamboo bean trellis fell over in the strong wind. Oh well. Run back inside by the darkness, dogs were really hungry. I grabbed the food bowls, and went down the basement stairs to get their food. I suddenly realized a bird had flown through the open garage door and was trying to escape from me towards the stairwell light! I immediately Keep reading [...]
Feb 24, 2008 - BLOG - Stuff On my Mind    Comments Off on Running Really Sucks

Running Really Sucks

Yes, running really sucks. Thanks to Lisa Wray, I'm signed up for the Country Music Half Marathon. Upon starting my training, I haven't run a step since 1988, the year I graduated from High School. Your eyes bounce in their sockets, your brain is bouncing around in their sockets. Never mind your knees, ankles and back. When this Ocoee campfire dare is over, I'm never gonna run again. You know, an adventure race might be cool. Trail running/orienteering, canoeing, rappelling, and mountain biking Keep reading [...]
Feb 24, 2008 - BLOG - Stuff On my Mind    Comments Off on Merging onto the Interstate

Merging onto the Interstate

I'm kinda tired of merging on the Interstate behind people that don't know how to merge. People, the merge lane is also known as the acceleration lane. That means that if 5 lane wide traffic is coming at 65mph, you need to be at 65mph when you merge. So get on your accelerator, and freaking GO GO GO! Every day on the way home from work, I have to merge onto I24 towards Nashville. There's someone in front of me EVERY day, merging onto 5 lanes of traffic rolling at 65mph+, and they never merge Keep reading [...]
Feb 16, 2008 - BLOG - Stuff On my Mind    Comments Off on Bi-Monthly or Bi-Weekly? A quiz…

Bi-Monthly or Bi-Weekly? A quiz…

OK, a quick quiz. What do you call a meeting that occurs twice a month? Answer: bi-monthly, right? What do you call a meeting that occurs twice a week? Answer: bi-weekly, right? What do you call a meeting that's every other week? Micro$oft Answer: bi-weekly, in Outlook, right? Me and the team at work got into a discussion about this, and their answer was that Micro$oft was the tie breaker. I disagree. I think Micro$oft is wrong. That said, look HERE for a description of biweekly Keep reading [...]
Feb 16, 2008 - BLOG - Stuff On my Mind    Comments Off on Sensational Violence! Yaaaaa?

Sensational Violence! Yaaaaa?

I'm sitting here watching Today Show, wasting time before I have to go to work. The Northern Illinois University report is on. Give us dirty laundry! Another desperate student opened fire on classmates. Sensationalizing these stories is just advertising for the small percentage of weirdo students, who have a tendency to do something weird. Before TV, what did these kids do? Maybe they stripped down naked and ran around in circles, hands in the air, babbling like an idiot? Today, they get Keep reading [...]
Feb 13, 2008 - BLOG - Stuff On my Mind    Comments Off on First Yoga Experience!

First Yoga Experience!

Yep, finally did it.  Donna and I went and tried Yoga last night!  We've been wanting to try it for years.  And about eight years ago, we even 'rescued' the owners of the Yoga Room Nashville from a badly flooded and pushy Harpeth River.  They even sent us a gift certificate as a thank you, and we never went.Climb Nashville also has Yoga classes.  But my climbing / cycling buddy Jeff says their class is too fast and hard for beginners.  So, we went to the Yoga Room Nashville Keep reading [...]
Feb 10, 2008 - BLOG - Stuff On my Mind    Comments Off on Day Walking Zombie

Day Walking Zombie

For years, Donna has harassed me about my snoring.  When camping with friends, I always got comments from people in the tents, half joking.  Finally, my boss started complaining about me yawning in meetings.  I went and saw my GP, he ran blood work (which showed my diet is having no effect on my iron, etc.) and referred me to a pulmonologist for a sleep evaluation.  So, on Jan 25, I went in for my sleep study at Centennial Medical Center, which is sort of like a hotel room, sort Keep reading [...]