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In Search of Delight

So I've put my resignation in at my job - no my career - of almost 27 years. We're taking a year to do some temporary retirement. It's amazing how difficult this is, since our identities get so tied up in our work. Our employers are our security, not only for money but also our healthcare, retirement. Our daily, weekly and monthly rhythms are tied up in work. Wake up at 6am, get to work by 8, Monday through Friday, usually sit in the same place, see the same people. It's a little break from our Keep reading [...]
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Thoughts on Induction Pots

It's about time for some new content on the website. I've been wanting to share my thoughts on induction pots and pans. I know that's a diversion from my usual content, but I think it's important to a lot of people thinking about going induction.When we remodeled the kitchen about 5 or 6 years ago, our kitchen got moved out to the shop. I was considering an induction stove since we don't have gas available, and frankly conventional electric stoves kinda suck. We started with a one eye counter top Keep reading [...]
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Sailing on Anchor

On our 1972 Gulfstar 36 trawler, we are setting it up to anchor as much as possible while cruising. One "problem" is that we sail back and forth on anchor in a breeze. We had this problem on our Compac 19 and the 23. With a sailboat you can rig an anchor sail to stop or slow it, but on the trawler we don't have a mast. Some people have suggested all chain anchor rode, but we don't plan to do that. We have a 45# Mantus anchor, 36' of 3/8 chain, and we're currently installing a Simpson Lawrence Keep reading [...]
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Faithful Companion Izzie

I'm writing this with about an hour before we head back to the vet to do what all pet owners eventually have to be prepared to do. She lost her ability to control her legs well enough to stand up, probably due to a lower back disk out of place. At 14, there really aren't a lot of options for fixing her. As all dogs do, she's counting on her pack leader to take care of her and make the right choices. Since 2006, Izzie was my faithful companion. We're sorry to say goodbye. I know her birth year Keep reading [...]
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Social Media in the Shadow of an Oncoming Pandemic

I don't post much on my blog anymore. Frequency took a huge downturn when social media became popular. I could use Facebook or whatever to stay in touch with friends, families, others, whatever I wanted to say. And over the years, Facebook artificial 'intelligence' has been good at banning me for mostly innocuous "offensive" GIF comments, believe it or not. One was "blake nipple" GIF. Last night's was honey boo boo's Mama Jade blowing a kiss.  Yes, snarky, but no, not disgusting at least to nearly Keep reading [...]
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Tracks in Ronstan RF666 Traveler

Working on the Thistle, the main traveler car sheaves were sun rotted. One was missing along with the pin entirely. First I had to make a pin. I found a 1/4" sheave pin and used the South Bend lathe and a collet chuck to cut a groove for the E-ring. Next I had to order new sheaves and install. The untested sheave is a RF1741 19mm acetal. I haven't tested it yet. I'm going to have to re-rig the line path due to the transom reinforcements installed by a previous owner. Battens arrived Keep reading [...]
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Thistle Dinghy

Sometimes I cruise Craigslist and find interesting things for a price I can afford.  I research them. If it's interesting enough I just might buy it.  Well, that's what happened with a Thistle dinghy sailboat. Sometimes a bargain isn't as good a bargain as it might seem. First, I'm writing this with a boat that's only been on the trailer so far for me.  I looked it over generally, and things seemed right.  The guy I bought it from didn't seem to know much about the boat so I figured all Keep reading [...]
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When you've had the company of a pet for 15 years, it gets hard to remember the time when they first come into our lives.  This is the story of our Jetty.  I remember there were three stray cats in the backyard of our new (old) house when we moved.  I didn't think much of cats.  There was Momma Cat, Brave Heart and Scaredy Cat.  The previous owners had been feeding them regulary so they were normal outside visitors.  When we showed up, they taught our Holly (our dog) valuable lessons, such Keep reading [...]
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Holly – the first of them all

I've written several pet obituaries over the years, and when doing so I could never imagine what I could write to express how special Holly was to me. Tonight I came home from work, lights were out, not uncommon. Izzie was excited as usual. Holly was asleep in her usual spot, but tonight she didn't wake up. In early fall of 1998, Donna and I, settled in a new house, having those nurturing feelings, decided it was time to get a dog. At the Nashville Humane Association, we found a cage full of fluffy Keep reading [...]
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Buffalo #21 Camel Back Drill Press

My tool addiction is getting ahead of me.  With my life in flux, what I really need is a 1200lb drill press that's too tall to fit in my current garage.  But for $200 I couldn't pass on this rare special piece of Americana. It's not home yet.  Actually it's going to a buddy's barn until I get settled. Known problems - missing V belt, stuck back gear lever, crack in cast cover, missing gear teeth. The whole thing needs to be disassembled, cleaned, paint removed and reassembled. Why did I buy Keep reading [...]